Patient survey and results

In the last couple of years many changes have been necessary in order for us to continue to provide the best possible care at your surgery.

We will ensure that the additions and improvements we have made make the best use of the resources available.

During the October 2022 Flu vaccination clinics, your PPG held a survey to determine  the reaction of patients      over 65 to some of the changes made to Primary Care at Queensview Medical Centre due to the Covid19 Pandemic.

 Listed below are the results:

 We installed a more powerful and efficient phone system recently.

 Of those who responded:

          60% now found it easier to get through.

          66% said it was easy to make a phone appointment.

          69% found the phone appointment dealt with their concerns.

          60% were able to make a face to face appointment.

 We launched a new, more comprehensive website in March 2022.

 Of those who responded:

           34% said they had used the site

           98% of users said it easy to navigate.

           90% of users said they found what they were looking for.

           94% of users were aware it is on Mobile and Tablet.

     (1 person felt we needed to add  Online Appointment Booking.)

 LIVI – speak to an NHS GP online – 7 days a week and is available

 to all Queensview patients.

 Of those who responded:

            57% said they were aware of LIVI.

            19% of those aware had used the service.

 On average LIVI rated 71% for satisfactory consultations.

 SystmOnline has now been available to all Queensview patients to order

 repeat prescriptions for four years.

              48% of those who responded used SystmOnline.

              48% canvassed were aware it is on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile

              54% used the reorder form from their last prescription

Date published: 25th June, 2023
Date last updated: 26th June, 2023