Online Access to your patient record

Did you know that if you have online records access then there is now more of your record available.

increased records access is only available going forward-the system does not given access to full historical information.

if you do not have online access via the NHS app and would like it please speak to a member of the Reception team to request it.

Accessing Test Results online

  • Please be aware results are filed based on clinical information, this means that a result may look to be outside the reference ranges set by the computer but the clinician will have reviewed the results in the context of your medical history and previous results.
  • some results take longer than others
  • you may not be able to see some results until the clinician has discussed them.

Consultation records

  • You can review the record of your consultation as a reminder of what has been discussed
  • If you do not want certain information to be visible online, you can inform the staff member you are speaking to.