Help us to help you get the best treatment – quickly!

There are still unprecedented demands on all of our services.

This upward trend continues to be seen by other GP surgeries and hospitals, both locally and nationally.

All of our GPs and other clinicians have been doing their best to keep up in difficult circumstances. Help, however is at hand!

The government has invested in other services to help support patients and GPs. The clinicians running these services are experts in their field and can often provide more specialist care.

Please, do all use these services as an alternative port of call. This will free up our GPs to see patients with those conditions that require more specialist GP care.

Firstly, however, click  here or on the Self Care widget on the home page to see you if can treat yourself.

The links below share information about the services and how you can use them:


A video GP service – Available 7 days a week and is provided free to  patients of Queensview Medical Centre.

Patients of Queensview Medical Centre can now see an NHS GP by video using the Livi App. Get medical advice, prescriptions and referrals on the same day, including weekends. This a part of your NHS service.

You can download the LIVI app to your mobile phone or tablet at the app store or Google play or visit

NHS online help by accuRx

A web based  triage, free to patients of Queensview if you need either –

  • help for a medical issue,
  • if you have an admin query or –
  • if you want to see online advice.

Please visit:

GP Enhanced Access – Pre-bookable Appointments available in the Evenings and Weekends

18:30 – 21:30 weekdays, 09:00 – 17:00 weekends

There are now more bookable GP and Nurse appointments available for Northampton patients, making it easier for you to be seen at a time that suits you including evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.

Enhanced Access is an extension of your usual GP practice, it is not a walk-in-service, and you will need to make an appointment through your usual GP Practice reception.

You will be offered a face to face, Telephone or Video consultation, depending on your clinical need.

The service is located on the ground floor of Highfield Clinical Care Centre, Cliftonville Rd., Northampton NN1 5BD. (ENTRANCE B)

Date published: 3rd May, 2023
Date last updated: 12th May, 2023